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Save Me A Seat Here

Small groups play a vital role in changing lives and helping the church to grow, while at the same time providing the warmth of a close-knit community.

OurGroups understands the importance of small group ministry and has developed an extension to perfect small group administration in your church.

SMASH aims to revolutionise the way your church builds community.

Want to see your Small Groups grow?

Empower Your Leaders

Improve Communication

Simplify Administration

Empower your group leaders with SMASH software that’s built to not only handle administrative work and reporting but also improve communication among groups and ultimately church wide. SMASH eliminates the timely tasks of data entry, tracking down payments, manually sorting guests into small groups etc. and allows leaders to focus on building a closeness within their small group. 

Leaders and Administrators are able to rely on this system to not only help them manage (if not completely eliminate) paperwork, but also get more people involved while keeping guests engaged in their small group.

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Effortless Administration

Groups can be easily established and organized into types. Administrators can set defaults, preferences and limits for group leaders/guests. Additionally group leaders can manage group information, calendar and respond to messages. 

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Moving Carousel

Slow moving and visually engaging, the carousel located on the main web page displays a variety of courses or events for the guests to browse.

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Streamline Registration

Group Types, property filters and maps help help guests find and join the perfect group followed by simplified sign up! Guests will be asked to confirm email address and invite their friends through social media.

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Attendance Tracking

Attendance reports help Group Leaders track Guests and keep Administrators in the loop! 

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Notifications and Messaging

Stay in touch and encourage communication with instant and group message boards. Users can choose how they want to receive notifications.

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Easy Online Giving/Payments

Easy online giving makes it a breeze. When it's easy to give, people give.
Leaders/Administrators have the ability to set fees for course books, materials etc. Guests can easily make payments online which eliminates the timely task of tracking down payments. 

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Connect Your Group Members With Your Own Mobile App

Completely customised to fit your needs!

Guests are instantly notified about new posts, upcoming events, and other activity.

Both iOS and Android
Your app runs on both mobile platforms

Unique Web Page

Each course/event can be incorporated into the MAIN web page with its own link.

Give your small group a custom website where guests can go to register, check schedules, find information/group resources.and receive updates – all updated real-time from the system.

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Simplify and improve communication church wide, customize reporting, and get all the support you need, when you need it.